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Houseboating with the Tunney's, 1972

The main saloon looking toward the command bridge. The luxurious sofa becomes a double bed. Chaise longue can be an extra bed. The walls, roman shades, upholstery, cushions and table covered in washable Indian cotton bedspreads.

Jonathan and Mieke Tunney were photographed off Catalina Island, north of San Diego, on a houseboat as romantic as any in Kashmir. Large, decorative, comfortable, easy to live in and run, boats like their's are mobile holiday houses for weeks or weekends spent cruising away from their world and into the sun. The Tunney's love the sea and live beside it at Marina del Rey thirty-five minutes from Los Angeles. The silent and graceful traffic of boats reminds Mrs Tunney of Hong Kong which she got to know when covering Asia as an Associated Press writer before her marriage. Their houseboat, decorated by Californian designer Jay Steffy, is a Chris*Craft Aqua-Home, glass fibre, with mahogany rails and stainless steel stanchions, 46 ft with 6 ft 6 in. headroom and inside cabin dimensions of 31 by 11 ft. It has room for eight people, a top cruising speed of 27 mph, costs £16,550; the 34-ft model, with room for six, top cruising speed of 21 mph, £9,475.

From top, The houseboat cruising off Catalina Island at top speed, 27 mph.Mr and Mrs Tunney boarding with baskets of food and plants. Mr Tunney scuba diving off the stern deck. At right, The sun deck.

Photos by David Massey from Vogue UK, January 1972.

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