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Tent Living: A Delight of Gypsies, 1970

Meanwhile, back in Roman Fashion, and laughing...


Lancetti's embroidered ivory silks. Tunic and trousers impeccably straight, long shirt in curves. All stitched and thicly bound in glossy silks of bronze and cream colours. Silk turban. Fabric by Taroni. Great beads by Bozart. Golden rings by Gioconda. Hair by Sergio Valente. Make-up by Eve of Roma. Tent designed by Renzo Mongiardino and hung with Nattier silks, in Conte and Contessa Rudolfo Crespi's Roman apartment.


Valentino's silk print surcoats over chiffon print dresses. All melting ribbons of colour, floating, flowing, flying. Surcoats with short wing sleeves, long panels. Dresses with infinite trousers, smocking at throat, wrist, waist. Endless turbans, marvellously wrapped. Fabrics by Polidori. Earrings, bracelets, by Ken Lane. Pearls by Coppola & Toppo. Shoes by Dal Co for Valentino. Make-up by Alba of Alba & Francesca. The tent, Valentino's own, in his Roman apartment.

Photographs by Henry Clarke for Vogue UK, March 1970.

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