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Guest Editor at Shrimpton Couture for November

I have the incredible luck and honor of being guest editor over at Shrimpton Couture this month. If you don't know Shrimpton Couture, then you are very behind in the vintage department! Cherie has curated some of the most beautiful vintage pieces available anywhere - all of them are in beyond perfect condition and are beautifully photographed on her website. I am photographing myself in some of my favourite looks from her store all month and writing a little bit each day about these intriguing pieces, both from my opinion as a fashion historian but also as an obsessive vintage wearer.

All of the pieces I am wearing on Shrimpton Couture are for sale - you can see them here: Laura's picks Cherie has been kind enough to provide me with a discount code for all of my readers for any of the pieces on my page. Use the code Laura to get 15% off of any of my picks between November 11 and November 17, 2013.

Below are a selection of the pieces that I've worn - please go check out my page on Shrimpton Couture to see more!

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