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Weekend Reading...

 photo PhotobyLouiseDahl-WolfeHarperrsquosBazaarJuly1939_zps0a165a7a.jpg

Photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe from Harper’s Bazaar, July 1939.

I've been seriously amiss about posting, which I am very sorry about. While I am going to try to be better in the future, I am constantly posting on Instagram (@laurakitty), which also feeds directly to my Tumblr.

I've also started writing a column on Shrimpton Couture's Curate - all of my posts can be found here, but below are some direct links and photos from some of my favourite recent ones...

 photo townandcountry_sept1969_couturiersathome_scavullo_blass_82_zpsb0b4bb2f.jpg

Bill Blass photographed at home by Francesco Scavullo for 'The Couturier's Private Lives', from Town & Country, September 1969.

 photo viva_dec1973_jagger_64_zpsa083ed1e.jpg

Bianca Jagger from Viva, December 1973.

 photo AbbasFRANCETheChristianLACROIXfashionshowpresentingtheWintercollection1987_zps6d83d5e8.jpg

Christian Lacroix's first Haute Couture collection, Winter 1987. Photographed by Abbas.

 photo MarleneDietrichbyCecilBeaton_zps0594c3bd.jpeg

Marlene Dietrich by Cecil Beaton.

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