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Jen Kao and The Problem of Lindsay Lohan

There was a time when I was quite a fan of Lindsay Lohan- even when she started falling apart I rooted for her and told others off for not supporting her through a bad period. As time went on it became apparent that this wasn't just some phase and that she is completely unwilling to change things in her life, so for the last two years I've had little time for her antics. The various projects she's taken on, from spray tanners to leggings, haven't endeared her to me any more, and her latest, a full fashion line, looks likely to move her into the category of someone I despise.

Earlier this week she released sketches from her new line, 6126, and one of them is an exact copy of a dress by my friend, Jen Kao. Lindsay was even photographed in this dress, from A/W 2009, last year.


Here you can see Jen's dress in her lookbook and on Lindsay, with Lindsay's pirated sketch in the middle. Many of the dresses in this collection of Jen's had the same geometric banded details as the dress Lindsay wore, and are unmistakably a signature of her work.

This story has been covered by several other sources as we're trying to get the news out about Lindsay's thieving ways- check out Fashionista, Sugar Rock Catwalk, and The Frisky.

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