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Zou bisou bisou

As a huge Mad Men fan I was happy to welcome the show back to the air yesterday. While I was immediately entranced my Don's new apartment and Megan's outfits, I was most excited by Megan's performance of Zou bisou bisou, which was a smash hit for Gillian Hills. Hills found fame as a French pop singer, one of the first yé-yé girls, and who also starred in the British teen film, Beat Girl, in 1959 with Adam Faith.

In 2009 I posted some photographs of Gillian partying at a rave at Eel Pie Island in 1960 - I recommend checking them out as they are really a quite remarkable snapshot of a side of teenage life we rarely think of at that time.


Gillian Hills (right) at friend at the rave on Eel Pie Island, August 31st, 1960. Photographed by Peter Hill.

The Daily Beast published today a short history of Zou bisou bisou, which is worth a read.

And here is Megan's fab black mini dress with accordian pleated chiffon sleeves and rhinestone detailing around the neck...



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